Lazer super ng, 4p, Sawing

Acknowledged Supremacy for Superior Gains

The LAZER SUPER ng provides it all that takes to produce the highest profit generating, finest diamond from the raw ones. On one hand it helps achieve superior smooth surface and on the other, it ensures lowest breakage and weight loss, gifting the best of both the worlds.

Our features

Compatible with

Extremely focused, stable and accurate beam profile to achieve minimum possible breakage and weight loss.

Smartly designed and engineered diode provides highly stable beam, resulting into exceptionally smooth surface that too without any kind of damage.

Designed to perform at its best, the LAZER SUPER ng achieves seamless & swift sawing, yielding desired quantity with finest quality.

Developed with rich insights, the LAZER SUPER ng is loaded with features that suffice wide range of peculiar needs, requiring minimum human interventions.

LAZER SUPER ng, with its array of features and advantages simply prove the best value for money decision for the diamond processing business.

Striking Features

4p, Sawing

Less Man-Machine Interactions
Intelligent software automatically sets optimized laser parameters based on the size of a diamond.

Dust Proof

User Friendly Operating Software
To save time and reduce operator mistakes.

4p, Sawing

Silent Light Diode Module
Produces unmatched beam quality and stability throughout its working range.

Accurate Cutting Performance

Highly Accurate and Long Life X-Y-Z CNC
Stages for accurate cutting performance.

Automatic 360°

Automatic 360° Fixture
For twin side sawing.

Dust Protective

Dust Protective Enclosure
For optimum life of optical components.

Skin Banding

Skin Banding Feature
For preventing damages due to the internal laser reflections.

Impeccable Machine Design

Impeccable Machine Design and Vibration Free MS Frame Structure
For better stability.


  • Dimensions : 1.39m (4’ 6’’); 0.73m (2’ 4”); 1.46m (4’ 8”) (L x W x H)
  • Weight : 460 kg approx
  • Axis Travel : (X, Y, Z) – (130mm, 130mm, 75mm)
  • Laser Profile : Nd:YAG @1064nm, TEMoo - Diode Pumped Solid State
  • Operating Voltage : Single Phase, 230VAC, 12Amp, 50/60Hz
  • Output Power : >22watts @10 kHZ
  • Choose your Variants
  • Laser Processing*
  • Pie - Sawing (Automatic & Manual)
  • Double Side Sawing
  • Single Side Sawing
  • Polki
  • Blocking
  • 4P
  • Multi Side Skin Banding Feature
  • Magnus Ace Compitibity - For Optimum Productivity
  • *Subjected to kit Avaibility
  • Automation
  • Auto Frequency
  • Auto Current
  • Safety Interlocks
  • Automatic die selction (No Jogging)
  • Auto Center(Fixture)
  • High Grade Componants
  • Silent Light Diode Pump Module (USA)
  • Harmetic Sealed Resonator Box
  • Highly Stable Frame Structure (Welded MS Frame with Composite Structure)
  • High Quality Power Supply (Imported)
  • High Quality Cooling System (Imported)
  • ng, 4p, Sawing
  • ng, 4p, Sawing

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Acknowledged Supremacy for Superior Gains