25 years, Global

Celebrating 25 Years of Transforming Global Industry

It takes vision, dedication and technological excellence; spread over 25 years, to transform an industry that was battling with several challenges.

Today, the industry is growing at an exponential rate, on the wings of the technological power. The industry has scaled such a height today, that it is really hard to believe that, just 25 years back the same industry was struggling for existence.

Challenges were many. But the key problem the industry was facing at that time was lack of technological advancement. is rare and precision is the ultimate key to ensure the best value of a processed diamond, but still, the entire diamond processing was heavily dependent on human efforts.

The Indian Industry needed a big transformation in terms of technology & modernization. The conventional diamond processing technologies were unproductive and less versatile and hence, they were resulting in more weight loss and damages to Diamonds. And then STPL came into the picture.

Driven by a passion to bring positive changes STPL always looked for evolving newer technologies and then applying them, where there was a dire need. Equipped with deep insights for the industry and profound technological judgements, Mr. Kotadia evolved a wide range of renowned laser and vision diamond processing technologies, which is helping the industry boost its production both in terms of quantity and quality immensely.

By end of 1990, Mr. Dhirajlal Kotadia, the founder of STPL produced the first indigenous Diamond Laser cutting machine. After STPL was incorporated, the company started producing and marketing an entire range of diamond processing systems, useful at various stages of diamond processing.

STPL was determined to develop technologies and solutions that can ensure maximum outputs from the diamonds, which are very rare and available in very limited numbers. The Company became a pioneer and trendsetter leading the revolution in Indian industry, bringing the laser technology within easy reach of the grass root diamond manufacturing entrepreneurs. STPL was the first Indian company, which provided the country with the laser cutting machine, computerized planning machine, bruiting machine & auto-blocking machine.

Today, STPL is again completely transforming the way diamond processing is handled and now the company is bringing changes that impact the global industry. STPL has ushered in the era of automation with robotics and artificial intelligence, presenting the world's first robot for the global industry.

The sheer excellence of the STPL innovations has been recognized by many reputed international awarding bodies like Good Design Award – Japan, Vision System Design ­– USA, Most Innovative Company by CII India and many others who are into recognizing design and technology advancement throughout the world.

"We have always been ahead of times, for you & We Will Always Be!"

- Team STPL

25 years