Investment Casting 3 Ft Hanuman Statue in Precious metal from FDM Technology

  • Industries : Precious metal Investment Casting

  • Profile : JM Jewellers was formed in 1999 to provide shoppers top quality casting statues with wonderful expression of God. They have collections of 50 unique statues of God.

  • Challenge : They wanted to created Hanuman ji’s 3 Ft statue from 3D Scanning which was originally only 1 ft and wanted to cast in Silver.

  • Solution : By using 3d Scanned data, we cleaned the file and created a smooth mesh for 3d Printing. We have printed the Hanuman ji in 5 different parts,joined and post processed ultra smooth so casting will come great. We have send 3 ft full statue to the clint and they used this as based pattern for investment casting.

  • Result :
    1. 60% reduction in lead time, We have finished the project in 3 days.
    2. 120% cost reduction, leading to 50,000 Rs in cost savings.
    3. Casting results was so smooth that they have reduced the cost in post processing of Silver.
    4. The Silver Statue was sold at 1.1 Million Rs because of it detailed and fast work flow

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