Cornice 3D Printing

Requirement-We were approached by an interior designer who wanted us to find a quick solution to make cornices quicker than the usual time taken conventionally. Generally, making such cornice designs requires specialised skills of experienced artists who need to work day in and day out to make just one design for a false ceiling. We were approached with a lot of hope to ensure that the work would be completed within a stipulated deadline that the interior designer needed to meet.

Cornice 3d printing

What was provided- The designer had given us soft copies of the cornices in the .STL format. We were also given the exact dimensions for which we had to make the cornices.

Cornice 3d printing

How the final product was delivered to the client

We first ensured that all the cornice parts were compatible to be printed on our machines or not. If not, the design of the cornice was divided into parts for easy printing on our machines.

These 3D printed cornices were then used to make a negative rubber pattern for easy replication. This is how things became extremely simple-all that was needed to be done is to apply POP (Plaster of Paris) to the rubber pattern, dry it and then use the ready cornices wherever and whenever needed. This saved a lot of time and money. If the cornices were to be made by hand by a skilled craftsman, the entire process would have taken months, if not an entire year. With the help of 3D printing, our client could complete the work in just 30 days.

The 3D printed cornices can now also be used for future prototyping, it is one of the easiest ways to do a highly complex job which would otherwise have required the skills of professional and experienced craftsmen. Now, these magnificent cornice designs can be replicated anywhere, no body has to worry about the availability of skilled craftsmen anymore.

We are not against the hard work and dedication of skilled craftsmen, we just want to make sure that everyone working on a project can get their work done on time whenever needed. In fact, skilled craftsmen can now work on multiple projects at once by just making various designs of cornices and sending them for 3D printing where they can be prototyped for easy replication and fast completion of the work. This way, the work of the skilled craftsman becomes much easier.

Cornice 3d printing