Rahul Gaywala

Chief Executive Officer

"An Innovation changes the World around us, but more importantly, it transforms the Innovator from within, and develops an Inquisitive mind. This, in the long term, benefits the entire society even more than the Innovation itself."
- Rahul Gaywala, CEO, STPL

Mr. Rahul Gaywala, the CEO of STPL has been with the Sahajanand Group since 1993 and in his illustrious tenure with STPL, he has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the global diamond processing industry. He is a rare combination of a visionary, a hard-core innovator, a motivator and a technocrat. The traits that have helped him transform the diamond industry, from a labour-intensive industry to an automated industry.

Mr. Rahul handles the company's worldwide operations including business development, R&D, production, and supply chain. He has a tremendous cross culture and global exposures in diamond technology, industrial laser, medical devices, and life sciences industry.

He is zealous about creating and empowering teams to drive future ready product innovation and gauge up STPL's business globally while advancing the company as a globally respected leader who provides ground-breaking laser solutions.

Mr. Rahul has 2 national and 4 international patents on his name.

Awards conferred to Rahul Gaywala
For his outstanding contribution in the global diamond industry.

• Man of Excellence award, 2014, by Brand Academy Institute
• The Most Enterprising CEO award, 2013 by Indian Achievers Forum

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