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Incorporated in 1993, STPL is engaged in developing cutting edged technological solutions for the diamond industry.

STPL is one of the very few global companies that offer total technology solutions for diamond manufacturing, including diamond analysis and planning, processing, cutting, blocking and polishing as well as safe diamond trading.

As a trendsetter of the industry, STPL pioneered the laser diamond cutting technology in India. Today, the advanced technologies solutions offered by STPL leverage the promising laser technology and ensure higher productivity at lesser costs. The solutions focus on optimizing automation and eliminating the resource consuming finishing operations.

The company also offers wide range of variants of is product to suite diverse needs and budgets. Sound technological competence and value driven approach has put STPL on the global map of diamond processing industry.

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Our Mission

Our mission at STPL is to identify the automation needs of diamond manufacturing industry and to fulfill those needs by providing the most advanced resources and solutions that fit to our customer’s requirements.Our only goal is to become a value added partner for our clients by providing an optimum level of service, full commitment and continuous support to maximize uptime of our client's business. To meet these goals, an entire team STPL will be flexible, responsive and professional in all our dealings with our clients.Our management team is dedicated in maintaining a world class level of product and service experience to make sure we top the quality standards world diamond industry.


STPL thoroughly considers innovation and technology an art. From last two decades by its most innovative and advanced approach towards innovation and automation, STPL is continuously inventing the high grade and cutting edge technology for the world diamond industry.


An extra ordinary in-house research center and the team of highly talented expatriates create a high standard and best value for money technological solutions. Here in STPL we truly value your business.


STPL's products are backed by well qualified before and after sales support teams which are committed to provide world class customer service experience. In STPL we continually strive to go beyond the expectations of our clients by focusing on the quality, attentiveness and quick response.


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Surat based STPL develops indigenous ventilator to help India fight COVID-19

Quickly responding to the need of hour, Surat-based STPL, the global giant in the diamond industry and medical equipment related technologies, has developed indigenous ventilator, named IndoVent. A medical ventilator is a life-saving innovation...

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Celebrating 25 Years of Transforming Global Diamond Industry

It takes vision, dedication and technological excellence; spread over 25 years, to transform an industry that was battling with several challenges. Today, the diamond industry is growing at an exponential rate, on the ...

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Why STPL introduced Robotics and Automation in the Extremely Volatile Diamond Industry

In the forever versatile diamond industry, the big MNC miners like DeBeers and Russia’s ALROSA have been selling rough diamonds at mutually agreed-upon rates.

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