Lazer Super 9E

The Supremo of Laser Processing

Lazer Super 9eLazer Super 9e

The time has arrived to be the perfectionist in diamond processing industry with our masterpiece. Presenting diamond industry’s first ever most advanced laser system with the versatility of Sawing, 4P, 5P and Blocking, the Lazer Super-9E.

Lazer Super -9E is devised in such a manner, where it performs every task with remarkable and exceptional results. The Lazer Super -9E is equipped with a high-grade cooling system and a high standard power supply unit which achieves an optimum performance for you.


Light Diode Module

Silent Light diode module (Northrop Grumman-USA) produces unmatched beam quality and stability throughout its working range

Cooling System

A high-grade cooling system is devised to minimize the power fluctuation and to control the laser diode damage from heat variation

Power Supply Unit

An adept power supply unit is provided to achieve high voltage and high current stability

Dust Protective

Dust protective enclosure gives optimum life to optical components

Laser Reflections

Skin Banding feature prevents damages due to the internal laser reflections

360<sup>°</sup> Fixture

Automatic 360° fixture for twin side sawing

Intelligent Software

Intelligent software automatically sets optimized laser parameters based on the size of a diamond

User-Friendly Software

User friendly operating software saves time and reduces operator mistakes

Accurate Cutting

Long life – Highly accurate X-Y-Z tables

Very Low Cost

No consumables like Laser Lamp, flow tubes and DI filter so very low operating cost

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The Supremo of Laser Processing