Lazer GRN

Introducing the Science of Performance

Lazer GRNLazer GRN

Productivity at its pinnacle – for any diamond processor, this can be the one of the biggest breakthroughs of all business strategies. For a diamond processor, nothing can be better than achieving minimum weight-loss, minimum breakage, optimum productivity and of course, last but not the least, the lowest possible maintenance. The challenge is, getting all these from a single machine. But not anymore,

Introducing our indigenously developed machine that has all the capabilities of being your "DREAM MACHINE"!

The Lazer GRN is the most advanced, high grade and green laser based diamond sawing system. The unmatched green laser which is having shorter wavelength provides fierce power and extreme precision during diamond cutting operation. The accuracy in cutting results into minimum weight-loss, minimum breakage, and more yield per cut diamond.


Lazer GRN

Provides Cutting Edge Performance in diamond processing


The quality beam is produced by Exceptionally Engineered Laser Resonator


Unique Hermetic Sealed Resonator Box Ideal for longer life of optical components


Trusted frame structures of our LS 9 and LS 9E are used in Lazer GRN which Ensures Minimum Vibration and support consistent cutting operations


Smart and User-friends MMI Reduces operator's mistakes and enhances cutting operation


A Highly Advanced Integrated Machine Design that simplify the machine operation

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Introducing the Science of Performance