The Lazer Aim

Sawing, coring, Slicing

Introducing LAZER AIM - the revolutionary diamond processing laser machine that brings unmatched versatility to the industry. Engineered to excel in every aspect of diamond processing, LAZER AIM combines the functionalities of all types of diamond sawing, round and fancy 3D shaping and CVD slicing and coring. With its advanced technology and precision, LAZER AIM empowers diamond manufacturers to streamline their operations, increase productivity, and achieve impeccable results. Whether you need to cut, shape, facet, slice, or core diamonds, LAZER AIM is the ultimate solution that offers unrivalled performance and efficiency. Experience the future of diamond processing with LAZER AIM - the pinnacle of innovation and excellence.

Compatible with FlyingBeam™ Technology

An Innovation where a precise movement of the beam ensures the accurate diamond processing.

Compatible with ROBOCUT PRO™


A Complete Automatic Diamond Sawing Process where you can load up to 50 stones at a time and machine will operate on each stone one by one for sawing operation.


Accurate Straight Sawing

Precise Pie Sawing

Magical MagikCut™

Round and Fancy 3D Shaping

CVD Slicing and Coring

Diamond Disk and Wafer Processing

Diamond Micro – Machining and Engineering

Tool Bit Cutting

Key Features

Excellent Stable Beam

High Quality production with desired speed

Minimum Possible Kerf

Minimum weight loss

Least Chances of Breakage

Unmatched Smooth Cutting Surface

User Friendly MMI

Lowest Man-Machine Interaction

Unmatched Slicing and Coring Excellence
Achieve the Best Results

Minimum Possible Taper with Almost Nil Carbon Haze

Batch Operation

Accurate Edge Cutting

Freedom of Shapes

Minimum Post Cutting and Polishing Process

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  • Dimension: 1.11m (3’8”) x 1m (3’) x 1.5m (4’11”) (L x W x H)

  • Weight: Approx. 400kg (882 lbs)

  • Axis Travel: 130mm (X), 130mm (Y), 60mm (Z)

  • Laser Profile: Nd Yag @1064nm (IR) @532nm(GRN), TEMoo – Diode Pumped Solid State

  • Operating Voltage: Single Phase, 230 VAC, 12Amps, 50/60Hz

  • Output Power: IR@1064 nm > 20W@10KHz, Green@532nm > 15W@7KHz

  • Power Consumption: Less than 2100Watts.

Diamond Sawing

Diamond Slicing

Diamond Coring