STPL's "OptiScan" : Success Story (Hareshbhai Savani & Co.)

At STPL we have developed "OptiScan" technology with a vision of being a value added partner of our client. To match up the existing trend of the world diamond manufacturing industry it is very necessary to obtain the maximum and quality production in minimum time. Moreover to get the optimum yield of the polished diamond it’s very necessary to conquer the loss generated by the routine operator errors. "OptiScan" is the key to get the maximum quality production and to end up the routine operator mistakes. Listen up what our clients are saying about our most advanced technology "OptiScan".

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STPL's "OptiScan": Customer Testimonial Video (KhadelaGems)

Sharing with you what benefits our customer achieved from the newest technological innovation of us. Khadela Gems talks about the key benefits of the most advanced "OptiScan" feature.

STPL's "OptiScan" is considered as one of the most in-demand technology in our diamond processing industry. Listen up how Khadela Gems increased their production by 30% by implementing "OptiScan" in their routine. As per Khadela Gems "OptiScan" is an impressive technology which thoroughly eliminates the chances of human error in diamond cutting operations which eventually results in the optimum yield of the polished diamond.

Listen up what the Owner, Manager and Operator has to say about the "OptiScan".

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