The sure shot formula to win the 3D printing market- Creating a niche

The applications for 3D printing are endless. Architects, engineers, designers, artists, chefs and many such professionals are slowly using the power of 3D printing in their professional domains. There is no doubt that some form of 3D printers is going to be as ubiquitous as computers in our lives today. In the current scenario, where many professionals are slowly and gradually adopting 3D printing, it makes perfect sense for entrepreneurs to help these professionals in the right way by carving a niche for themselves according to specific technologies or industries. For example, Fused Deposition Moulding(FDM) technology can be used in a variety of domains, design files only have to be sent to the 3D printer and the printer can print anything needed one object at a time. Within FDM 3D printing itself there are many ways in which a niche can be created- you can cater exclusively to architects, designers, doctors or others and make a name for yourself and charge a premium for your services. Here are some of the sectors where you can create your niche.


For fashion-conscious women, wearing some form of jewellery makes for an elegant style statement. The Jewellery manufacturing segment is a multi-million-dollar industry. Generally, it is divided into precious jewellery made with Gold, Platinum and diamonds while imitation jewellery is made with affordable materials like plastic, wood and metal. Carving a niche here can be quite lucrative, once you have established yourself into the business and have the right professionals working for you/with you.

Jewellery manufacturing itself is a large industry- you need to decide if you want to carve out a niche for yourself with regard to plastic based jewellery, metal-based jewellery or precious jewellery. Unlike conventional manufacturing processes, 3D printing offers you the flexibility to make designs that were impossible to do earlier. With regard to the technology to be used, there are many options available, FDM can be used for PLA(PolyLactic Acid) Polymer based or resin based 3D printed jewellery, SLA or SLS can be used for metal based jewellery 3D printing and so on. The main catch here is that you need the right jewellery designer who knows what is in demand in the market and what will sell. Once you have someone like this, there is no stopping you from achieving your goals.

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Household Objects
  • If you are just starting out your business, you can start to demonstrate the power of 3D printing to reluctant professionals by conducting demonstrations and workshops printing common household objects like bookmarks, toothpaste squeezers, utensils, measurement devices and so on. Using the power of 3D printing, there have been many people who have solved many day-to-day problems with ingenious 3D printed solutions. You can quote these to convince your clients of the benefits 3D printing will bring to their businesses. Here is a link for your reference- Simple Ikea Hacks 3D Printer

  • Art
  • For local artists, 3D printing presents a unique opportunity. It gives them the freedom to design objects without any technical constraints. 3D printed art can come in various forms-statue making, pattern casting, interior designing showpieces and much more. For the artists who may not be technically sound, you can 3D scan their current works to eventually 3D print these designs. You can also arrange to collaborate them with graphic designers who can help them to express their designs virtually. Getting the local artists to embrace 3D printing will take time, once it is gradually done, it will be mutually beneficial to both of you. 3D printed art is much more receptive to newer trends than art made with conventional methods.
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    Toys and Scale Models
  • Most of the toys and scale models available currently are made of plastic. According to the brand of the product and other features the prices of the toys vary greatly. With 3D printing, you now have a new market where you can 3D print toys and scale models for children and sell them locally. The designs for the same can be purchased online which can then be 3D printed locally using the relevant technology. By 3D printing and selling toys and scale models locally, you are giving the local audience a chance to get quality 3D printed products at amazing prices as against highly priced conventional branded toys.
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  • 3D printing, as a service, gives you the freedom to make tools and spares for any kind of machinery. In fact, 3D printing can prove ideal for older machinery, for which spare parts are not easily available. 3D printing can also be ideal for making instruments from odd shapes that would best suit its purpose, as it is seen in the aerospace and engineering industries. Here, you have a great opportunity to carve a niche for yourself in making tools and instruments which are no longer being made conventionally.
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Reaching your Niche market online After setting up your 3D business and running it successfully at the local level, you now have your eyes set up for the worldwide market courtesy the internet. You have many options available to you.

Create your own website - A website advertising your services can be a great way to let people know about you. It is a great investment which can bring big bucks for your business. You can get it SEO friendly to ensure that all searches for your niche have your website ranked the highest. Having a website also opens up opportunities for you to have clients from places that you would’nt expect you would have at this stage of your business.

Registering on Online Portals - Business portals can catapult your business to a national (and international) level within a short span of time. Indiamart and TradeIndia are the most popular business portals currently available that can get you good leads according to your niche. You can also take advantage of popular B2C websites like Amazon, Flipkart and eBay.



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